TFDA announce to revise controlled drugs products (increasing AMB-FUBINACA, Cl-Alpha-PVP, Kratom, CDMC and N-Ethylhexedrone)
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The announcement controlled drugs revised grading and food items as follows:
 I, Addition Methyl (1- (4-Fluorobenzyl) -1H-indazol-3- carbonyl) valinate, AMB -FUBINACA, FUB-AMB, MMB-FUBINACA to the third controlled drugs. 
 II. 1- (Chlorophenyl) -2- (1-pyrrolidinyl) -1-pentanone, Cl-Alpha-PVP, Cl -PVP, C-PVP as the third controlled drugs, including 2-ClAlpha-PVP, 3-ClAlpha-PVP and 4-ClAlpha-PVP, three positional isomers.
III. Addition Kratom, Ketum, Mitragyna speciosa to the third controlled drugs.
IV. Chlorodimethylcathinone, CDMC as the forth controlled drugs, including 2- CDMC, 3-CDMC and 4-CDMC three kinds of positional isomers. 
V. Addition N-Ethylhexedrone, N-Ethylnorhexedrone, αEthylaminocaprophenone, Hexen, NEH as the third controlled drugs.